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Everyone is born with the right to God…

During Pride Month, Emily Perper will be sharing stories from the LGBTQ community. This reading list is about the experiences of queer people of faith.

via Celebrating Pride: Where Religion and Queerness Meet — Longreads Blog

Why I’m raising soft kids. — Discover

A mom’s call for cultivating compassionate children: “I want my kids to be soft. I do. In a world full of rough edges and sharp corners, I want to raise humans who are gentle and kind.”

via Why I’m raising soft kids. — Discover

Thinking Alzheimer is researching Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease may be the result of byproduct that builds up in the brain when it fights infections, according to a new study. The new study, if proven, could change the way the medical community thinks about the disease, and the development of drugs to treat it. For a long time, researchers believed that a…

via Alzheimer’s Disease May Stem From Infections — TIME

Let’s Talk About Postpartum Depression — Discover

“I don’t like that she stole my sense of self and has yet to give it back.” Evelyn Shoop, a.k.a., “momsicle,” reflects on postpartum depression.

via Let’s Talk About Postpartum Depression — Discover

Working writers and artists offer advice on inspiration and perseverance.

via Writers and Artists on Creative Habits, Accepting Self-Doubt, and the Rewards of Perseverance — Discover

A List Of Things In Literature, Music, and Art That Are Actually Metaphors For Women — Discover

“Haha what? Noooooo, this song isn’t about you. It’s about a literal venus flytrap plant that eats literal insects. It’s not because you crushed my spirit like an ant beneath your shapely foot.” This guide lists men’s metaphors for women.

via A List Of Things In Literature, Music, and Art That Are Actually Metaphors For Women — Discover

For All the Lonely Children with Imaginary Friends — Discover

“I dreamt that a man with purple skin, a long tail, with an egg balancing on his head, came to my room, held my hand and walked me outside, where we played all night long.” Kiprop Kimutai recalls an imaginary friend.

via For All the Lonely Children with Imaginary Friends — Discover

From powerless to powerful … the developing of sustainable thinking.



Ok, I have promise to comeback this week and start to discuss the application, or better yet, the development of sustainable, more positive thinking. So here I am.

Ready, get set … GO!

This will be more interesting and richer if we can get some participation from our audience. So, get involved and invite others to be involved.

Imagine that after getting up in the morning, you get ready and as you leave your home, you look at the mirror. What do you see?

Are you like the girl on the first, black and white picture? … or are you more like the goddess, in color in the second picture?

What do you think that makes the difference? If how you think does matter, imagine what is going through this girl’s mind in each picture. Yes it is the same girl on both pictures. She works for an insurance agency and has a meeting, with a very important client, first thing in the morning.

Some things never die

Writing stays around for ever and our mind helps connect it to our own time. Shakeaspeare has been one of those writers that we can well integrate within today’s societal challenges and themes. So this post is for all of my students at the theatre school, who have gone through the challenge of studying his work and have had the courage to take it a step further into stage.


From webcomics and essays to videos, a collection of some of the web’s most engaging Shakespeare-centric blogs.

via Shakespeare and Me: Bloggers Share Their Passion for the Bard — Discover

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